RIP “Larger-than-Life”-Line

Today I celebrated my first father’s day (as a father). It was awesome – enjoyed some delicious labrusco in the morning, worked on my back yard project, had a great time BBQing at my parents’ place. But somehow, some way, the forces tha be made it more memorable..

You see, less than a month ago I aquired an Eee Pad transformer, which is/was awesome. I love this device – spectacular functionality and hardware specifications (for the time), excellent price point, just all around a great casual computing device. However, apparently it was not designed to ride in the bottom of a baby stroller. Shit!.. I left it in the little pocket under the seat, folded the stroller into the trunk, and when I got home from my parents’ and pulled the stroller out of the trunk… ┬áIt looked like a crumpled piece of paper..




Sigh….. Just to add to how awesome this device is – it still makes sounds when I receive emails…. Needless to say, I’ll be getting another one soon…