Kwapture – Free, Light-weight, Screen Capture Tool with Email and FTP Capabilities


Kwapture is a light-weight (~50KB) tool that sits in a Windows System Tray and allows you to easily capture any area on the screen. The resulting capture can be modified (drawn upon), copied to clipboard, emailed, uploaded to an FTP server, or opened in another application.


The main motivation for Kwapture was to create a light-weight tool in contrast to others available on the web. More on the motivation behind this project is outlined here.


  1. Download Kwapture archive (zip) – Updated: 2011.10.03 –  v.
  2. Extract into any directory on your hard drive (I keep a ‘Tools’ directory on my desktop for easy access)
  3. Modify the configuration as desired by editing Kwapture.exe.config in Notepad or any text editor of your choice
  4. Run Kwapture.exe
  5. Capture as desired

Requirements: Windows Operating System with .NET framework 2.0 or higher.

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Motivation for Another Screen Capture App – Kwapture

There are numerous reasons why screenshots are useful. Whether you want to bring someone’s attention to a certain design element in a window, post something to a blog, or email someone a snapshot of a password protected page that they otherwise would not have access to, screen capture can come in handy.

 Of course, in Windows, we have “Print Screen” button that copies the entire screen bitmap to the clipboard, or “Alt+Print Screen” combo, that copies the contents of the active window to the clipboard. There are several drawbacks to this functionality. Additional steps need to be taken to highlight a part of the capture, convert the capture to a JPEG, if you client does not support pasting bitmaps from clipboard, inabity to capture a more granular area of the screen (sub part of a window, etc).

For this reason, there are several screen capture applications avaiable on the web. Some are free, and some are premium. Jing is one that I found quite useful. The problem with Jing, and others from my persective, is the footprint of the application. Of course, there is extended functionality (like motion capture into flash), sexy interface, etc, but I felt that what I wanted to do was very simeple, and I wanted a no-frills, non-multi-megabyte tool, that does exactly what I want and nothing more. Unable to find exactly what I want on the web, I set out to write my own..

General Requirements:

  • No Install Required – I am not a fan of installers, especially for something simple. Stay out of my registry!
  • Lightweight – something as simple as a screen capture should be well under 1MB compiled size

Feature Requirements:

  • Able to capture contents of the entire screen
  • Able to capture contents of a specific window
  • Able to capture any area on the screen selected by user
  • Able to copy the capture to clipboard
  • Able to create a JPEG of the capture at a chosen location
  • Able to email the capture as a JPEG via configurable SMTP settings
  • Able to upload the capture to a configurable FTP server and generate a web link for the uploaded image
  • Able to pass the capture to a configurable, external application
  • Able to allow user to draw on the captured image prior to image deployment

A few hours, beers, and minor feature creeps later, Kwapture was born. Download it here.