0x0000007B BSOD Error on Boot Up

So you are sitting in your office doing a System Restore. We won’t get into the details of why a System Restore became warranted all of a sudden, but most likely your frustration level is already up there. Then, as if to brighten up your day a little more, the electricity goes out for a split second, causing your machine to reboot right in the middle of the restore. Nice!

Then you notice, that as the PC tries to reboot, it resets itself, and tries to reboot again. The cycle seems infinite.

On a hunch, you set the ‘do not reset on error’ flag via the F8 boot menu. Subsequently, as the PC is rebooting, your screen turns a pleasant blue and shows something like this:


Yep. The Blue Screen of Death. Yep. Inaccessible Boot Device. Yep. Rebooting does not help. Check for Viruses? What, like with a floppy? Seriously now.

Like most cryptic errors from Microsoft, this one potentially has many causes. Microsoft recommends a number of steps, none of which seem to be applicable, in this article.

Well, the real solution is to run a manual restore and then re-create the old restore archive(s). Detailed steps on accomplishing this are available in this article. The article mysteriously leaves out the friendly blueish symptoms of the problem ;-).

Hope this helps.