The Drupal Comment Struggle

It seems like every time that I perform a Drupal setup, I ultimately run into some issue that drives me nuts in that it seems like it should work “out-of-the-box”.

In the most recent case, it was an issue associated with displaying anonymous user comments in posts, or more specifically the issue was that comments made by anonymous users were just not showing up. Comments made by authenticated users, however, showed up just fine. I did the obvious check of permissions to verify that admin approval was not required for anonymous posts, verified that the comments existed in the database, etc. They even showed up in the “Most Recent Comments” block, just not on the story page..

I had a hunch that somehow the issue had to do with joining tables when querying content from the database. After a little poking, I found that the select query for comment generation assumed that there would be a user with uid of 0… well, do I look for all select statements that have the same error, or do I just go to the “user” table and add a user with uid=0.

The latter won. So, the quickest way is:

  1. to go to your site’s mySQLAdmin (via CPanel)
  2. On the left, select the database associated with your Drupal installation (probably something ending ‘drpl1)
  3. Again, on the left, select table ‘users’
  4. Click on ‘Browse’ button to make sure you don’t alreay have a user wtih ‘uid’ of 0 – If you do, something else is wrong:
  5. If no user with ‘uid’ of 0 is listed, go to ‘Insert’ in that same toolbar
  6. Add a user with ‘uid’ explicitly set to 0
    add user
  7. Press ‘Go’ at the bottom the page.
  8. Go back to “Browse” to make sure your changes were saved and the uid of the new user is in fact 0 (if not, you can edit the row in the ‘Browse’ area
  9. Cross your fingers and hope that did it!